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About Us

Midsouth Farmers

Mid-South Co-op was formed in December of 2004 when Haywood, Madison, Crockett, and Hardeman-Fayette Farmers Cooperatives merged; and later expanded in 2008 when McNairy Farmers Co-op merged as well. 

In 2007 we moved into Benton County Mississippi and began to service northwest Mississippi out of our Ashland location.

Again, in 2010 we moved into Saltillo and brought our services to the farmers in Northwest Mississippi. Mid-South Co-op is a member of Tennessee Farmers Cooperative and is governed by a 10 member Board of Directors voted on by members at the annual meeting.

The individual cooperatives that make up Mid-South Farmers Co-op date back to 1935 and have many years of combined experience serving farmers and their communities.

In 2011 management and the Board of Directors made a decision to shift the focus of Mid-South Coop from feed, hardware, animal health and consumer products to inputs related to crop production, including seed, chemicals, fertilizer, fuel, tires and related services.

Mid-South Co-op has been a pioneer in the agriculture industry in west Tennessee by adapting to new technology while also holding true to the time tested farming practices in the area. We were the first agriculture retailer in the area introduce grid sampling, zone sampling, variable rate lime and fertilizer, and to have dedicated precision agriculture staff to ensure our growers are able to utilize current technology.

All of our application equipment is state of the art and at the cutting edge of new technology.

Mid-South Co-op covers two states with locations in both Tennessee and Mississippi and services growers in over 15 counties.

Mid-South Co-op prides itself on the cooperative business structure and has been able to pay patronage year in and year out since its founding. In every aspect of our business our goal is to provide our customers with valuable products and services at an affordable price. We are focused on your success.