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Mid-South Farmers Co-op’s precision Ag program uses state-of-the-art technology and the expertise of a highly trained, experienced staff to provide total crop solutions to our customers. Since 1996, Mid-South Farmers Co-op has been the leader in precision Ag services. Our goal is to assist growers in producing maximum yields with the most efficient use of crop inputs.


The first step to utilizing our precision Ag program is to accurately map individual farm fields. As a starting point, Mid-South Farmers Co-op can produce a field boundary for each field within a farm and provide an accurate acreage measurement. This can be accomplished by physically measuring the field boundary or using satellite images from our vast computer database.


Soil sampling has long been an accepted practice to find out what nutrients need to be added to the soil. Mid-South Farmers Co-op takes that practice to another level with our precision soil sampling. We offer basic grid samples to establish a base line of nutrient levels, plus we take other data layers and establish “management zones” within each field. Each management zone is then treated as a field within a field, so that inputs can be applied according to the needs of each area. This maximizes the crop’s yield potential. Mid-South Farmers Co-op also offers a “smart sample,” which establishes sample points based on veris and/or other field data.


Veris Soil EC Mapping Systems uses GPS and the proven technology of soil electrical conductivity (EC) to identify areas of contrasting soil properties. EC values are measurements of soil texture-relative amounts of sand, silt, and clay. Soil texture is directly related to both water-holding capacity and cation-exchange capacity, key ingredients of productivity. Veris EC data can then be used to identify distinct management zones within the field. Veris data does not change over time unless there is a major soil disturbance such as dirt work or grading.


Rising fertilizer cost have made variable rate nutrient application a vital component in a profitable farming operation. Mid-South Farmers Co-op combines GPS technology with electronic control systems on our application equipment to provide “on-the-go” changes in rate and product. The grower only gets what the soil calls for in their management zones, reducing wasted nutrients and maximizing the fertilizer dollar.


Mid-South Farmers Co-op can process a grower’s yield data and provide accurate yield maps. But even better, we can take that growers yield data and store it each year to build a historical yield record for that field. This information can be utilized and matched with soil data to provide a more precise picture of a farm. Management zones can also be established with this data to variably apply nutrients based on yield potential.


Mid-south Farmers Co-op has access to several different types and styles of guidance mapping monitors. We offer basic guidance mapping monitors that can be easily switched between machines to the more advanced monitors that offer variable rate application, section control, and auto steer. We have the solution to fit a growers spreader or sprayer needs.


Mid-South Farmers Co-op starts by checking the basic components, such as the seed meter. We can calibrate and fine tune a growers meter to its full potential. We offer a complete line of updated seed meter parts to gain planting accuracy that the original meter can’t give. Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a long line of parts from the basics of drive chains, seed tubes, and row cleaners to the more detailed such as seed monitoring, variable rate seeding, or down force systems.


 Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a variety of fluid injection systems for a grower’s irrigation system that will allow one to apply fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides while irrigating. By using one of our systems, a grower will be able to reduce cost of chemicals, fertilizer, and application labor; manage for better plant health; and maximize yields through season-long applications based on crop needs. We also carry nurse tanks, pop-up tanks, and parts for repair and service.


Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers a simple but yet very detailed solution to adding a yield monitor to your operation. We offer parts and service to existing yield monitors such as receivers, flow sensors, and calibration. With most monitors you can use them for another task in a different season such as planting or spraying.


Through both satellite and aircraft, Mid-South Farmers Co-op is capable of capturing aerial imagery. With the use of aerial imagery, a grower can distinguish variability in a crop’s health and show differences in plants, water, and soil. NDVI (normalization difference of vegetation index) maps are also utilized through aerial imagery and are mostly used for management zone creation. Precision farming techniques, field variability, health and size of crop, assessment for pesticide and irrigation application, and variable rate applications of plant-growth regulators are a few of the many options a grower will have with aerial imagery.


Mid-South Farmers Co-op offers tissue sampling to show a grower the status of nutrients in their plants during the growing season. Tissue test will show the plant’s nutrient status at the time of sampling, which, in turn, shows whether soil nutrient supplies are adequate or excessive. In addition to confirming visual symptoms of deficiencies, plant tissue analysis will detect unseen problems as well. Each nutrient has a specific role in the makeup of a plant. Applying nutrients at the right time throughout the year, based upon tissue sampling, results in increased crop yield by eliminating the stress factor of limited nutrients.


Do you have records of where certain crop products were applied? At Mid-South Farmers Co-op, we can help manage applied data from sprayers, spreaders, and planters.  Once we have retrieved a growers data, it is stored under their own management tree consisting of your operation, farm, field, and zones.  Mid-South Farmers Co-op can make you a better record keeper by utilizing this program.  Under each farm we can store all aspects of data such as Veris, soil fertility, chemical and fertilizer application, seed planting, in season imagery, and yield data.  From this data we can generate reports of acres, seed variety’s, chemicals used, or fertilizer

Services Offered

  • Field Mapping
  • Veris EC Mapping
  • Precision Soil Sampling
  • Data Analysis and Recommendations
  • Prescription Services